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Visiting Menorca? Well, that’s a beautiful decision you have made.

Vacationing or not, off-season, or in season, exploring Menorca will never be a dull affair. Menorca is unlike Ibiza or Mallorca – it is warmer and sun-bleached. Yet, it has its soft beat that you will instantly fall in love with. The island city is low-key, yet splendid, and has the most distinctive color of sand. It possibly has a few of the best Mediterranean beaches.

The nearby villages can be explored by walk or you can go for a car rental in Menorca. If you ever fly to this city, rent a car in Menorca instead of commuting to commercial vehicles or local transportations. Spain is a tourist place and car hire are quite affordable and convenient. They are a safer option for solo travelers. However, if you are on a tight budget, then a scooter should also fulfill your traveling needs.

When it comes to cars, you can choose between hatchback, sedan, and SUV at BiniCars. You also get two variations of bikes to choose from. There are a lot of things you can explore in Mahon, Menorca, and Mao if you have your scooter or car.

Local transportations may not take you to the intricate parts of the city that can be best explored only by walk or bike. The narrow lanes of the villages filled with rural splendid aren’t supposed to be missed.

BiniCars’ main office is located at Cala en Porter. The company offers great deals every day, the pricing is transparent and fair, and the services are fabulous. You can hire a car at Mahon airport from the BiniCars website. It will take a couple of minutes to fill in the form and book your car.

The picturesque village of Combarro is six kilometers from the main Pontevedra city. Combarro is a fishing village, and one of the best in Spain. If you are visiting Spain and traveling to Menorca, do not miss spending some quality time in Combarro. Thanks to its beautiful granarie, maritime and crucerious houses, the village is hard to miss and even harder to get over.

Since the village is across the Galician coast, walking is the most perfect way to enjoy the scenic beauty. However, if you are travelling in Menorca, you could rent a car in Menorca or choose a scooter. Menorca is the gorgeous mediterrian island that Spain takes a lot of pride in. Being a tourist place, you can simply rent a car at the Menorca airport in Mahon and roam around the island and village cost-effectively.

Car hire options at Mahon airport are pretty reasonable. In fact, they are prioritized over local transports. You could book your car a couple of weeks in advance without paying for the fuel charges and pick the car up at the airport. BiniCars offers car pick-up and drop option at the airport for convenience and safety. This means, you don’t have to search for a vehicle with luggage and you can drive around the place without worrying about your privacy.

However, a car isn’t the appropriate choice of transport if you are destination is Combarro. Go by walk or rent a 125/125cc bike in Menorca. Bike rentals inexpensive and convenient for solo travelers.

You can visit BiniCars’ office in Menorca or rent a bike on their web portal. You can change your mode of transport anytime during your journey, provided you follow the basic rules, such as insurance, driving license, driving track record, etc.

When you plan for a vacation in Menorca, Spain – which we must add is one of the most beautiful Balearic Islands around – you may wonder what type of car you need to get will find the answers here.

Traveling using a car rental service in Menorca is a far better form of seeing the island than using expensive local transport and commercial taxis. Besides, you can rent a car at Mahon Airport and return it there at the end of your stay.


So, ‘what car do I hire’ is probably your next question.

Well, to answer that, you must consider a couple of things. They include

How many members are traveling with you?

Are there any children?

What locations are you planning to visit in Menorca?

What is the duration of your stay?

Do you have insurance and a driving license?

Best Cars to Rent for You

If you are traveling solo or with a buddy, you can rent a scooter in Menorca as well and travel cost-effectively.


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Planning a trip to Menorca? Rent a car at Mahon airport and save money. Car rental services are pretty common in Menorca and it makes more sense to book a car for your vacation rather than rely on local transports or spend more on taxi rides. However, if you are new to this service system, then it is important to keep in mind the following tips before renting a car at the airport.


What Should I Know before Looking for Car Rental in Menorca?

Check several online travel portals in Menorca and read the reviews. You can also join groups on Facebook before planning your trip. It will be helpful to get information from travelers who have traveled to the same place recently.

• Check if your license is accepted

It is pretty important to learn the driving license policies in the country you are planning to trip. You might need an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) or some special document to gain a driving permit. Talk to the local agencies for clarity.

• Are the streets driving-friendly?

You may be used to driving in your city. But the quality of roads and traffic of the destination may affect your trip if you don’t plan it ahead of time. Safety, traffic rules, and potholes, etc. can dampen your driving spirit. So, find out from locals or do a quick google search.


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We have noticed that many of you have asked for the best tips to rent a car in Menorca, Spain. Spain is a beautiful destination with a lot of adventurous spirits, which every traveler dreams of visiting once in their lifetime.


Despite the pandemic, traveling to Menorca hasn’t decreased. People have grown more cautious with the rentacar service in Menorca and the rest of Spain.

Therefore, we have put together a few points that will simplify your car hire from Menorca airport.

As of now, the best way to rent a car in Mahon airport is by booking your rental car well in advance, probably at the same time you book your flight tickets. This will give you enough time to do some research on the rental car company.

Binicars is an established car rental company in Menorca, Spain, that allows car rentals from Mahon airport and also provides rental scooters for solo travelers. The company is wellmaintained, hygienic and caters to all WHO norms for social distancing and sanitization. The cars and scooters are washed every day and fumigated from the inside out to ensure their customers’ highest safety.


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