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Harbors make the life and soul of an island like Menorca. Both historians and travel enthusiasts agree that these harbors hold so much validity and complete the beauty of this Balearic Island. Be it natural or manmade these harbors have stood the testimony of time in making Menorca what it is today. To truly enjoy the beauty of these harbors, one of the best options ahead of you is the Menorca car hire. With this easy travel option, let's explore some of the most popular harbors in and around Menorca.

Harbor of Mahon

Being the capital of Menorca, it is undoubtedly beautiful and a prominent harbor on the island. It also adds to the charm that it is one of the largest natural harbors in the world. The harbor is 5 km long, making it the largest in the Mediterranean region and the second largest in Europe. The island has a robust industrial development and flourishing tourism. The harbors of Mahon and Villacarlos offer both entertainment and replenishments for the maritime.

Harbor of Ciutadella

The harbor’s history dates back to the Middle Ages and has been one of the essential harbors in the region since then. With 175 moorings and 1200 meters in length, Ciutadella is situated in the most populous part of the island. The harbor is visited by cargo and passenger ships that have their destination as Mallorca and Barcelona. Hence, the area is bustling with markets, shops that cater to your daily needs, cafes, and more. Adding to this, the harbor offers some spectacular views, and you can soak in its beauty by simply taking a car rental in Menorca. With a comfortable car rental, you can even easily visit Ses Voltes squares and the Town Hall that is near the harbor.

Harbors of Fornells

Fornells is quite a picturesque town located in the north of Menorca Island. It has the second-highest moorings next to Mahon. Lined with beautiful white houses, the bay has a number of activities for tourists to explore. It is also a gastronomic adventure for the foodies as the most delicious lobsters are fished in this part of the island. If you are looking for a fun and satisfying adventurous day trip, do not think twice before you rent a bike in Menorca. Go on one of the most special rides of your life with some amazing views along the way.

Harbor of Sanitja

Es Mecadel has another gem as a harbor apart from Fornells. Harbor Sanitja is located very close to the ancient city of Rome called Sanisera, according to history. The harbor is 800 meters long and has a low seabed that is perfect for small boats. The alluring beauty of this island is best felt during the sunsets. The spot makes for a romantic trip, especially for couples who can reach on a bike. Tourists can easily rent a 125/125cc in Menorca and access this fantastic destination for a special day out.

These are some of the must-visit harbors in Menorca that are bustling with activity and speckled with beauty. As car and bike rentals have eased exploring these harbors to their fullest, these destinations are absolutely travel-worthy if you want to unwind with your family and friends.

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