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Late-night driving - the adventure that sneaks into even the most well-planned road trips. For some, it is like diving into the unknown, embracing the hush of the dark roads that stretch endlessly ahead. But let us face it: for many of us, it's more of a nerve-wracking experience. The low visibility, the battle against drowsiness, the fatigue, and, let's not forget, that fear of being chased by shadows in the dead of night. Yet, with a few useful tips, you can ready both your body and mind for the long drive at night. Drawing from the experiences of countless night travelers, including those who have entrusted their car rental in Menorca to Binicars, one of the top Menorca car hire companies, we have gathered the following tips to help you manage the dark stretches of your road trip with ease.

1.Sleep Before You Start Your Night Trip
Staying alert while driving at night is crucial. Our bodies naturally produce more melatonin, the sleep hormone, during the nighttime hours, which can make us feel drowsy behind the wheel, especially if we've been awake for a long time, like 18 hours or more before hitting the road.
To combat this, it's essential to make sure you're well-rested. Aim for at least 4 to 5 hours of sleep beforehand. And if you find your eyelids getting heavy or droopy while driving, don't hesitate to pull over and take a break immediately.

2.Begin Your Trip with a Well-Maintained Car
When you go for a cheap car hire in Menorca, choose a well-maintained and functioning car regardless. This includes battery checks, tire rotation, up-to-date oil changes, and brake changes. Make sure the rental company provides proof of maintenance before you hire. Check for cracked windshields, make sure your headlights are aligned, and test them in low-beam and high-beam settings.
If you are driving your own car, get your car serviced a week prior to the trip. Do not forget to test drive afterward.
Rest assured, Binicars offers full comp car hire in Menorca at an affordable price. Our fleet is regularly checked and thoroughly serviced after each rental trip. We will provide the necessary proof so that you can drive with ease of mind.

3.Eat the Right Food
Bring healthy snacks to the trip – food that isn’t high in starch or carbs, as they could make you sluggish, sleepy, or bloated. Avoid having refined carbs like rice, greasy food like burgers, carbonated drinks, excessive caffeine, and dairy-based products if you have digestive problems.
Opt for lighter, well-balanced snacks that keep you alert and satiated throughout the nighttime journey. Examples include unbuttered popcorn, veggie sticks and hummus, dark chocolate, fresh fruits like apples and bananas, trail mix, and jerky.
In addition, stay hydrated – have green tea or herbal tea instead of caffeine if you feel fatigued before you rent a scooter Menorca or car in menorca!

4.Clean Your Headlights and Windshields
If you are a frequent road tripper, you have probably noticed how fast your windshield can collect grime. The accumulated dirt not only makes it tougher to see the road but can also intensify glare from oncoming cars and streetlights, affecting your visibility. Similarly, headlights that are both dirty and damaged shine less bright, creating additional challenges.
To keep your journey smooth, make it a habit to clean your windshield and headlights during pit stops at gas stations. Also, switch on your headlights an hour before dusk to ensure they are at their brightest when you need them the most. It's a simple way to maintain clear visibility on the road.

5.Use High Beams to Improve Visibility
Switch your headlights to high beams, especially when the roads are empty and devoid of streetlights. Use this setting when there is no oncoming traffic. This will give you a clearer visibility of the road when driving at night. Dim your beams when vehicles are oncoming, and switch to low beams when you are driving behind another vehicle, in rain, fog, or snow.

6.Maintain a Distance Between Your Car and the Vehicle Ahead
Whenever you are following another vehicle, you must maintain enough space to stop safely if the vehicle ahead brakes abruptly. Regardless of the road condition, traffic, or time, the safe distance between two cars should be two seconds, and it must ideally be 3 to 4 seconds when driving at night.
Also, watch your speed at night when your viewpoint is limited and there are cars ahead. Do not cross the speed limit. The faster you drive, the less reaction time you get during an emergency.

7.Steer Clear of Rash and Inebriated Drivers
You will be surprised to know that there are more drunk drivers at night and more during the weekends and holidays. So, look for red flags – vehicle swerving from one side to another, driver speeding, or sudden brakes at stoplights or for no apparent reason. In such situations, increase your distance from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.

For more tips on car driving and car rental in Menorca, follow our blogs.

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