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Planning a trip to Menorca? Rent a car at Mahon airport and save money. Car rental services are pretty common in Menorca and it makes more sense to book a car for your vacation rather than rely on local transports or spend more on taxi rides. However, if you are new to this service system, then it is important to keep in mind the following tips before renting a car at the airport.


What Should I Know before Looking for Car Rental in Menorca?

Check several online travel portals in Menorca and read the reviews. You can also join groups on Facebook before planning your trip. It will be helpful to get information from travelers who have traveled to the same place recently.

• Check if your license is accepted

It is pretty important to learn the driving license policies in the country you are planning to trip. You might need an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) or some special document to gain a driving permit. Talk to the local agencies for clarity.

• Are the streets driving-friendly?

You may be used to driving in your city. But the quality of roads and traffic of the destination may affect your trip if you don’t plan it ahead of time. Safety, traffic rules, and potholes, etc. can dampen your driving spirit. So, find out from locals or do a quick google search.


• What are the driving rules in the region?

Research specific rules before you rent a scooter in Menorca. For instance, the driver has to be more than 23 years old with at least a two-year-old driving license. He also must have a clean driving record. Besides, you may also want to check the parking fee. Many cities provide an app-based ticket system, which you can download for parking.

• Compare the advantages of scooter rental and car rental in Menorca

If you are traveling solo, you may prefer to rent a scooter from Menorca airport. Another option to think about! We can help!

• Find out the car pick-up and drop policies.

The policies change from company to company. Binicars offers car rental at Mahon airport, unlimited mileage, comprehensive insurance coverage, and emergency roadside assistance. Please make sure that you cover all the questions before you select a car rental platform in Menorca. Don’t forget to discuss fuel, fees, and insurance. Compare at least three rental service providers before settling for one.

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