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Road trips in Spain feel different. As if God made the country envisioning long drives and amazing scenes. Whether it is a weekend getaway to Menorca or a three-week fully-planned bachelor party, driving from one destination to another with a group of nomads is one of the easy-to-take vacations. However, while driving is fun, we have also to consider the safety of traveling. And therefore, we have mentioned a few handy tips for long-distance traveling on highways that are worth considering. 

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Tips for Driving on Highways

When traveling, we must exercise extra caution while driving on highways, where animals freely move around, and there is no police to enforce traffic rules. Hence, these tips will come in handy.

- Follow the speed limit mentioned on the signage and stick to your speed. If the road is wet, slow down, despite no traffic. Be smart about keeping a distance between the vehicle up ahead and behind to allow smooth braking.


- Switching lanes is an important traffic rule on highways as most vehicles drive at lightning speed. Ensure you follow the rules to the 'T' before maneuvering. Do not drive in the wrong lane, do not overtake, and recognize the speed differences between the two lanes. Give appropriate signals to the cars behind before changing your lanes. 

- Keep a wide distance between vehicles. You cannot predict traffic, and there could be situations that you can avoid if you maintain space, like sudden braking, lane change, and accidents. Follow the 3 seconds rule – when the car ahead of you passes by a signboard, ensure you pass it after 3 seconds. Increase the time to 5 seconds when driving in the rain. 

- Do not overtake unless it is necessary or when there is no danger ahead and behind. Anticipate the vehicle's speed, give clear signs, use the appropriate gear (choose a lower gear), and look for approaching vehicles. Once you overtake, build a gap between you and the vehicle behind before falling into the track.

- Keep checking the mirrors. Take a glance at all three mirrors. The rear-view mirror is important to check before overtaking and switching lanes. 


- Do stop at regular intervals to rejuvenate and avoid driver fatigue. Also, stay hydrated, use more fresh air than AC mode, and change the temperature to stay alert.


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