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Road trips are surreal, believe it or not.  With the right car, it could be the most memorable experience of your life. If you are an enthusiastic traveler with a great group of travel buddies and live in Spain, you must consider a road trip. If you have already planned for one, great!  

As road trips primarily involve a car, it should be your priority to ensure the car you are driving is up to scratch to serve you without falling apart. 

And to ensure that it makes your trip fun-tastic, we have laid down a perfect checklist that you can follow.


Checklist for Car Road Trip 

For a smooth journey,  your car should be in tip-top condition. If you don’t want to take your own car, you can always rent a car at Mahon Airport in Menorca.

Binicars offers a wide range of cars for hire. Do check their website for more details. You can book your vehicle online too.


Make sure your Car Battery is new or completely charged, and in good condition. Even if it is not new, it shouldn’t be more than three years old. Also make sure the electrical charging points are functioning well and there isn’t any corrosion.

The Tyres are very important and there are two vital things you must check – air pressure and treads. The tyres should be neither overinflated nor underinflated. They should be just right. Also, the treads should be deep enough so the tyres don’t wear out. Don’t forget to carry a Spare Tyre. 

Change the Air Filters to prevent dust, bugs and dirt from entering the filters and maintain better air quality inside the car. Air filters should be changed after every 20000 kms.  

Check the Engine Oil level.  If it needs refilling, do it without hesitation.. 

Inspect all The Car Fluid Levels, including brakes, windshield, transmission, power steering, radiator etc...

Check the Brakes and their accessories, like hose, drums, rotors, brake fluid and brake pads. 

Ensure the HVAC system is working properly for proper air circulation and adjust the steering, mounts, suspension and shocks before you hit the road. 

Test drive a day or two before to ensure all things are in perfect shape. 


If you are looking for car rental services at Menorca, you can browse Binicars’ exceptional fleet of cars. 


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