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With plenty of fresh fish and dairy products available in Menorca, traditional cheese and sea food will spoil your mind and taste buds copiously. So, if you are traveling to Menorca, trust us, food is not something you should worry about. There's so much variety to eat that you will want to stay a couple more days to savor the cuisines. We have listed a few ''must have'' local dishes you may want to try in Menorca to get you started.

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Main Courses

Rice Brothers with Fish

It is a therapeutic rice combo stew made from local fish, like Serrano or Comber and rice. It is filling and delicious and a go-to-flavourful meal for the locals. If you are a rice lover, this dish should be your kind.

land rice

While the dish's name translates to ''Rice of the Land,'' this dish doesn't contain rice. Instead, it is mainly made with broken wheat and baked sausages. Sumptuous and hearty.

Cabrit or Lechona is Forn

This dish, translating into Roasted Kid or Suckling Pig, is a famous festive or holiday lunch menu. The meat is slow-cooked or roasted in a fire oven for a very long period until it falls off the bone. The main course is served with roasted potatoes. Any restaurant that has a good wood fire oven serves this dish.

grilled meat

If you don't like experimenting with your food and prefer soulful meals over adventurous ones, then this is what you should try. Locally farmed meat on the grill, flavored with sea salt, pepper, some herbs, spices and oil, grilled to perfection. The beef in Menorca is quite flavorful due to its soil, sea salt, and the grass that the animals graze. This dish can be prepared with lamb, pork, chicken, or beef.

Side Dishes

Fish Meatballs

Fish is often eaten as meatballs in Menorca. So, if a restaurant is serving fish meatballs, don't forget to try. Our recommendation includes Cod ab

Burrida (cod fish) and Albondigas de Cabracho (Scorpion fish).


Tumbet is one of the most popular side dishes made out of diced potatoes, aubergine, peppers, garlic, and onions. The vegetables are fried together until crisp. You can have it as it is or with meat and fish.


Nothing but a rich, cold, flavourful, and filling tomato soup traditionally eaten by the peasants at breakfast. Now it is available for lunch too.

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