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Summer is just around the corner, meaning now is the perfect time for a beach vacation.

Menorca is a good choice for a short distance travel, kid-friendly beach island destination in Spain. However, beaches can get pretty dull for kids after the first day. While you may be content under an umbrella reading a book, your kids will require more action than that to be occupied all day.

We have come up with many exciting activities that will keep your children happy for hours at the beach. Rent a car in Menorca so that you can bring the activities along to the shore.

Beach Fun Activities for Kids

Set up a Mini Golf

You will require a set of balls and clubs. Set up a few targets and dig holes into the sand. Let your children aim their golf balls. This game will improve hand-eye coordination and striking rate.

A Game of Frisbee

Substitute your ordinary frisbee game with a frisbee goal – set up tiny targets at different places on the sand using the things you have brought to the beach. Take turns to throw the frisbee as close as possible to the target. You can keep scores and let the winner have a nice cold ice cream.

Fly Kite

Beaches are a great place to fly a kite. They are readily available in beach shops and kids love them.

beach bowling

Who needs an aisle and runway when you have the entire beach to play bowling? You can either carry your own set of plastic pins and balls, or make a DIY ball-pin with reusable water bottles and balls.

Beach Style Tug of War

A beach vacation with kids (and ninja grownups) is incomplete without the tug of war. You will need a rope or a few towels or sheets tied together. Draw a line on the sand, divide kids into two teams, stand near the edge of the water, and get ready for the hustle.


Use a stick or rock to draw the famous hopscotch grid on the sand. You can also use small stones or pebbles to mark them. Take turns to complete the game.

Other games that you could try are rope skipping, volleyball, treasure hunt, sandman/castle, inuksuk building, and limbo.

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