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Road tripping in Menorca is nothing less than a fascinating experience for keen explorers. And having the ideal car rental company in Menorca by your side, like Binicars, with the most uncomplicated booking and return options, is the ultimate freedom you need for your road trip. With a car hire at Menorca airport, you can cover the entire Balearic Island, tick off the hidden gems, track down unexplored beaches, and visit the main sight in less than a week.

We have put together a blog about how to cover Menorca in 4 days with car hire. Menorca can be as much fun as its touristy counterpart, Ibiza. It is a hidden gem that needs people who set out to discover new things on wheels.

So rent a car at Menorca airport, tune into your favorite song album, and set out to have an incredible week.

Reaching Menorca and Renting a Car

The fastest way to reach Menorca is by air. You can take a flight from Paris – the easiest and shortest route. Menorca is just two hours from Paris. Flight fare to the island is pretty cheap, and it goes further down depending on the season. There is plenty of car hire at Menorca Airport, including Binicars, the best on the Island. However, if you have your own car and want to take it to Menorca, a ferry from Barcelona or Majorca is a great option.

The island is pretty compact, stretching 50 Kms from West to East and 20 Kms from North to South. It has just one main road. You must go back to the main road whenever you want to go somewhere else.

Since Menorca is the least visited Balearic Island (and it's the best thing about it), accommodation and food are generally cheaper than on other Spanish islands. You can book a fully-equipped room for just €50-55 . The same goes for shopping, transportation, and restaurants. Menorca is an ideal choice for a road trip if you are tight in the budget section.

Day 1: Hike Cami de Cavalls and Visit the Old City Center

Mahón is the capital city of Menorca. It has a tiny airport. You can rent a car at the airport and go to the Old City Center to book a resort, hotel, or guest apartment. If you have the time during the day, visit Cami de Cavalls. It is a 185-KM trail that circles the entire island of Menorca. Since it follows the coasts, all the beaches and cliffs have access to it. It is one of the most beautiful and oldest trails in Europe. If you are a fitness enthusiast, this is an incredible track to sweat your tiredness. You have options for biking, horse riding, and walking.

The hike may take an entire day, and it is impossible to cover the whole track. It would be easier to mark your hike's start and finish points before starting.

Day 2: Cover South East of Menorca

Drive around the southeast in your hired car at Menorca. You can first drive to Binibeca, a cute Mediterranean Village with white houses, similar to what you see in Santorini. Walking in the old lanes of Binibeca and eating at the local café outside the village is the best way to enjoy this place.

Next, head to Cala en Porter, 19 kms from Binibeca. Remember to visit the infamous cliff-top bar/club Cova 'd Xoroi, which offers the best sunset view over the Mediterranean Sea. You can walk through the Cami de Cavalls to get an impressive view of the coastline if you are feeling adventurous. Kayak paddling on the ocean will improve your mood.
Hit the road again and drive to Ciutadella de Menorca, where you can book a room for the night, have scrumptious local food, enjoy good music, and give the day rest.

Day 3: Cala en Turqueta and Playa des Talaie r

You can cover the entire southwest of Menorca in a single day. You will come across the two most exquisite beaches here: Cala en Turqueta and Playa des Talaier. The views are worth beholding from the cliffs. The beaches are crowded in Summer with lazy tourists. Snorkeling and Cliff Jumping are popular adventure activities here. However, if you wish for a quiet time, pleasant weather, and very few people, October is the ideal month for planning a road trip to Menorca.

Day 4: North West of Menorca

The places you can cover in the North West of Menorca are Cala Pilar, Playa de Cavalleria, and Fornells. Fornells is a fisherman village and the only proper habitation on the North coast of Menorca. The town has a small port and a city center. You can walk to the Torre de Fornells, a great sunset point located at the end of the village.
Playa de Cavalleria is one of the best things in Menorca, located 30 km from Cala Pilar. The beach is secluded and is perfect for people who don't enjoy crowds. It is a must in your itinerary if you are a nature lover. Car rentals in Menorca cannot go here, so you may have to take a walk.

Day 5: Mount Torro

Monte Torro is the highest point in Menorca. It is 17 kms from Far de Cavalleria and offers a 360-degree view of the Island from above. There's a small bar and restaurant cafe at the top. So, you can enjoy this tiny island's view while having a delicious lunch.

I hope this blog makes you take a road trip to Menorca. If yes, don't forget to Rent a car from Menorca's most trusted car rental partner

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