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We all love long road trips. They are a blast, especially when you're out there with your friends exploring Menorca! Car hire companies are the way to go if you don't have your own wheels.

Menorca has well-connected highway networks that allow travelers to explore it comfortably on their own. ME-1 is the main highway that encircles this Balearic island, providing access to all the towns, beaches, and other tourist spots.

However, since Menorca is an Island, one cannot directly drive from mainland Spain till there. You have two options – board a ferry with your car from Barcelona, Mallorca, or Valencia or take a connecting flight to the capital city, Mahon and rent a car at the airport. Car rental in Menorca is the most common, affordable, and convenient way for a fantastic time on the island.

Nevertheless, as relaxing and refreshing as long drives on the highway can be, you must be more prepared than you think to have a safe and smooth drive to your destination.

Here are some valuable tips for long drives on highways.

Sleep Well for Two Consecutive Nights Before

Long drives can be exhausting. And fatigue is one of the common causes of road accidents. If you are the only person driving, you must have a clear, fresh, and energized mind. To not tire yourself out during the drive, you must sleep at least seven hours for two consecutive nights before the vacation starts. Do not drive after a heavy afternoon meal, as it can make you drowsy.

Get Your Car Checked Before Your Trip

It's essential to take your vehicle to an authorized service center where experienced technicians can carefully inspect every aspect. They'll evaluate tire pressure, wheel alignment, engine performance, AC vents, interior condition, brake functionality, and the steering wheel. With this thorough inspection, you can confidently hit the road and enjoy a worry-free drive.

You can skip this step altogether by booking a car hire in Menorca. Reputable car rental agencies in Menorca, such as Binicars’, thoroughly assess their vehicles before each pickup for the customers' safety. Besides, in accordance with the rules, all rental cars and drivers are covered by third-party liability insurance, providing an extra layer of security.

Follow The Speed Limit

During vacations, we sometimes get carried away by the spirit of it and end up speeding and overtaking on the roads. However, this behavior can lead to severe casualties, especially on highways. Despite the wider roads and lighter traffic typically found on highways, it's crucial to maintain the posted speed limits displayed on roadside signs.

By maintaining the speed limit, not only do you ensure your safety, but you also contribute to the well-being of fellow drivers. It's important not to succumb to the temptation of matching the pace of an over-speeding vehicle ahead of you.

A prudent approach to determining your speed is carefully assessing road and weather conditions. It's wise to refrain from speeding on wet, foggy, or densely packed roads and during nighttime driving. Additionally, maintaining a safe following distance between cars is imperative for a secure and enjoyable journey.

Keep Chatting with Your Passenger-Friend

A friend in the car will help you stay focused and energized during the long drive. Make sure your passenger-friend is actually a friend with whom you can have good conversations. They can also help you with directions, remind you to take it slow or fast whenever needed, and even take the wheels when you feel fatigued.

Take Frequent Breaks and Wear a Seat Belt

If social media reels or memes are any proof, you should know the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt. All passengers in the car should wear seat belts, even if the road is empty and the highway is broad. Accidents come uninvited, and one must be extra careful.

That said, drivers must take a break after two hours of driving at a stretch. Never try to be superhuman and think you can reach your destination in one go. Your leg muscles can cramp up if they don’t stretch. Take breaks at gas stations, local cafés, or even roadside rest areas sponsored by the state, and enjoy the scenic beauty of Spain before continuing to drive.

Keep Your GPS Location On

Always use a GPS tracker when using your car rental in Menorca. A GPS-enabled device has multiple benefits. Aside from helping your friends and family locate you in case of an emergency, GPS offers the most efficient, safest, and shortest routes to your destination, cutting costs and maximizing resources. GPS devices also allow you to detect speed limit violations, learn about delays and roadblocks, and help you create a full report of your travel time and vehicle usage.

Don’t Forget Car Hire Insurance

BiniCars strongly recommends opting for comprehensive car rental insurance, as it offers vital protection against fines and unforeseen costs, particularly for family vacations lasting a week or more.

Booking through an online car and scooter rental broker site allows pre-booking, comparison of coverage and costs, and options for third-party limited liability, collision damage waiver, theft protection, and personal accident cover.

However, while booking via brokers is convenient, they may not assist in roadside emergencies. Direct booking through a car hire company often leads to better prices, clearer communication, and direct access to Menorca's car hire services.

Coverage options encompass Third-Party Liability Insurance, including Loss Damage Waiver and Theft Protection, alongside Personal Accident, Tire, Windshield, and Roadside Protection.

Essential documents are a valid driving license, passport, and national ID card, with the required equipment in the rented car for a hassle-free experience.
Confirm territorial rights and restrictions with the rental company to avoid insurance complications when traveling beyond designated areas.

Long drives with your loved ones in Menorca promise boundless fun and thrilling adventures. However, driving demands unwavering focus, as it can be mentally taxing despite being less physically draining. Adhering to traffic regulations, respecting the guidelines of your chosen car rental agency, and maintaining constant attention on the road is paramount.

Though these tips may appear trivial, neglecting them could potentially lead to significant mishaps. For convenient car hire at Mahon airport, simply explore our website or contact us here for seamless arrangements.

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