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Car hire in Menorca is an excellent choice if you travel to Spain. Having a rental car in an unfamiliar place has many advantages – it is more affordable and readily available than paying for a taxi or public transportation. Many tourists often make mistakes when booking car rentals, making their trip expensive and stressful. If you plan to rent a car in Menorca , this blog can help avoid common car rental mistakes.

Car Rental Mistakes – What Not To Do When You Rent a Car

Pre-book a car from a reputable car rental company such as Binicars when booking your air tickets. Renting cars through Binicars is a simple process. We will provide you with clear guidelines for hiring a car. Read and follow them, and you will be ready to explore Menorca on four wheels in no time. But if you are hiring from another car hire in Menorca, read on.

1. Delaying the Booking

The earlier you book a car, the better options and rates you will get. You will have a more comprehensive selection of vehicles to choose from at Binicars, with better prices and deals during off-season bookings. The next point mentions that booking rental cars early has other advantages.

2. Not Checking the Weekly Rates and Upgrading Offers

When booking a small car during a busy period, you can potentially secure a free upgrade to a larger car class if there's a shortage of small vehicles. If the car hire in Menorca suggests a bigger car, express your interest while negotiating the price, as they may offer you a discount.
Consider choosing the weekly rental rate for longer trips to save costs. But, ask in advance about any penalties for returning the car early if you don't need it for the entire week.

3. Don't Have a Different Pick-Up and Drop Location

Changing your drop-off location from your pick-up location can sometimes drive up the cost, even if the two areas are within easy driving distance. Dropping off the rental car at a different location may be more convenient to you, but it's almost not for the car hire company. We suggest you rent a car at the Menorca airport, so you can drop it off at the same place before boarding your flight.

4. Not Checking the Rental Car Periods (By the day vs. by the day hour)

By choosing a car rental company that defines their car rental periods by the day (24 hours), like most hotels, you will essentially pay for an entire day, even if you return your vehicle a couple of hours later.
You have two options here: choose a rental company offering drivers a 1 – 2 hour grace period or go for a package offering an hourly rate after the period is over.

5. Booking Through a Third-Party Site

Booking directly through a car hire in Menorca can help you save more, earn points, and get credits while simplifying the process of modifying your order or changing the car compared to booking through a travel agency or online booking site. While travel agencies can take the burden off your shoulders and might get you the best deal, they come at a price.

6. Not Taking Car Insurance Seriously

You cannot and shouldn't rent a car in Menorca without comprehensive insurance coverage. Check with your personal auto insurance provider before buying an insurance cover for your rental car – most auto insurance policies also cover rental cars. That said, if you only have liability insurance, you may want to purchase the additional insurance offered by the car hire company. Many credit card companies also offer rental car coverage; check with them.

7. Prepaying for Gas/Fuel

If you have a pre-drawn itinerary, renting a car with a full tank is a practical option. But if you aren't sure whether you will return the vehicle empty, you should never choose the full tank option. The cost of car hire companies filling fuel is much higher than that of doing it yourself.

Ready to rent a car? Binicars offers cheap car hire in Menorca with the best online deals. For more information, connect with our agent.

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