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As the holiday season approaches, it's the perfect time for long road trips with friends and family. If you have a passion for driving, there's no better place to experience it than on the tranquil and scenic roads of Menorca, one of the pretty Balearic Islands. But as you plan your trip, book your accommodations, and rent a car from Menorca airport, there’s something else you need to take care of– road trip safety.

Make the best out of your car trip with the following drive tips from Binicars.

1. Make Sure Your Vehicle is Road-Ready

While it may seem obvious, many people tend to overlook the importance of thorough road trip preparation. For instance, consider opting for full comp car hire in Menorca and make your reservation at least a month in advance. This will guarantee a comfortable and jolly travel experience.

Secondly, just before the trip, perform regular maintenance like wheel alignment, oil changes, shocks, key fobs, battery, AC vent, brakes, horns, and tire pressure. Get your vehicle checked and serviced by an authorized service provider. If you are renting from a reputed car rental in Menorca, like us, you needn’t worry about this as we go through several quality checks before renting our cars to our customers.

Finally, before you power up the engine, make sure your GPS is synced with the destination address, your phone is fully charged and connected with the car Bluetooth, and you have board games up your sleeves to keep your kids occupied during the long drive.

2. Carry a Road-Safety Emergency Kit

In case you find yourself in an emergency, having a car emergency kit will keep you prepared and avoid further complications. A standard emergency kit includes the following items – a first aid kit, jumper cable, portable fire extinguisher, tow ropes, flashlights, alcohol, tire sealant, reflective triangle, water packs, flat tire inflator, pocket tools, and shovel.

3. Learn the Basics of Car Maintenance Before Starting Your Journey

Although Binicar rental in Menorca offers roadside emergency support and your car insurance might cover the cost of repair done in any of its network workshops, knowing a few car repair and maintenance skills will help you become more self-sufficient and prepared for any unexpected situations on the road.

Start with the fundamentals, like checking and adjusting tire air pressure to ensure they are properly inflated. Familiarize yourself with the process of changing a tire, inspecting and replacing windshield wiper blades, manually adding windshield wiper fluid, and cleaning wiper blades.

4. Opt for Healthy Snacks and Stay Hydrated

Ditch those unnecessary pit stops at roadside fast-food joints by packing your healthy snacks. Load up your sling bag with non-greasy, stomach-friendly options such as carrot sticks, almonds, protein bars, and a refreshing bottle of lemonade. Additionally, ensure your water supply is fully stocked to keep you hydrated and alert throughout your journey.

5. Strategize Your Rest Breaks

To ensure a comfortable journey, it's crucial to rotate driving responsibilities regularly and take breaks to stretch your legs. Collaborate with your travel companions to plan rest stops every two hours. These stopovers can be strategically timed at picturesque views, allowing you to appreciate the scenery and capture some memorable photos along the way.

6. Be Smart with Fuel

As the fuel price rises, find ways to save on gas:
- You can save 30% on fuel by slowing down your acceleration.
- Choose a reputed Menorca car hire service provider to get a well-maintained car.
- Don’t refuel gas near the airport or important places; they tend to be expensive.
- Keeping windows closed while traveling at high speed can reduce fuel consumption by 10%.
- Maintain a moderate speed and save 21% more.
- Make sure the tires are pressurized to the maximum.

Finally, relax and remember that car trips are fun, and you must enjoy the drive as much as you enjoy the destination. If you are looking for affordable car rental in Menorca, don’t forget to check our fleet.

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