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Menorca, the northernmost Balearic island, invites guests to unwind, slow down, and chill. The island is a fortress of peace with 216 km of shoreline, ranging from the gentle white sand beaches in the south to the jagged red coast in the north. Menorca is not a big island so it is best to get a car rental in Menorca and save a lot of time while exploring the beauty of the island.

This tiny island is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, beautiful waters, and abundance of flora and fauna. Menorca is a great location for those who appreciate nature because it has several protected areas, such as wetlands, marine reserves, and natural parks. We'll look at some of Menorca's top wildlife destinations in this blog.

Amazing Menorcan Wildlife Destinations

Nature park Albufera des Grau
The Biosphere Reserve's central region is the 5,100-hectare Albufera des Grau Natural Park in northeastern Minorca. Numerous bird species, including herons, ducks, eagles, and ospreys, reside in the area. In addition to taking a guided tour to learn more about the park's flora and fauna, visitors can explore the park on foot or by bike from Menorca car hire.

Monte Toro

The highest point on Minorca, Mount Toro, provides views of almost the entire island. One of the most significant spiritual locations on the island is the shrine constructed at the peak and devoted to the Virgin of Monte Toro. The Menorcan owl, which is unique to the island, is one of the many bird species that call this area home. Other animals that can be seen by visitors include lizards, rabbits, and hedgehogs.

La Illa d'en Colom

La Illa d'en Colom is only 200 metres from Menorca's north coast, but this distance is sufficient to make it a refuge that is only accessible from the sea, making it a quiet and isolated place to enjoy a few hours of peace away from the bustle that predominates in other parts of the island during the summer.

Many bird species, including the Audouin's gull and the European storm petrel, can be found on the island, which is a protected area. To see the birds and other animals, including dolphins and sea turtles, tourists can take a boat tour across the island.

Es Grau

Es Grau is a beautiful village in Menorca that is well-worth visiting if you're seeking something different to do. This small village, which is found on the island's north shore, has a gorgeous beach as well as several charming attractions.

Only 7 miles from Mahón and can be visited by car and you get a car hire at Menorca airport, the little community of Es Grau provides all you'll need for a peaceful stay. While your children play on the shore, this is the ideal location to unwind and take it easy. Since the water is so shallow here, there is plenty of sand for them to discover on their own!

Cavalleria Lighthouse

The Cavalleria Lighthouse, which is situated in Menorca's northern region, provides breathtaking views of the coastline and the Mediterranean Sea. Numerous bird species, including Eleonora's falcon, the peregrine falcon, and the European shag, can be found in the region surrounding the lighthouse, which is a protected natural park.

The Isla des Porros can be seen in the distance from a cave nearby that is about 20 metres long. If you are sailing in this region, you may see the cave from the water. Sunsets are magnificent when viewed from here at dusk. The lighthouse's interior exhibit is 0definitely worth seeing.

Menorca is a beautiful place and has many places to visit on a small island. The best to explore the island is by renting a car or bike. The ideal way is to rent a car at Mahon airport so you do not have to be dependent on public transport and get your journey started as soon as you land on the island. To make your journey to the island more wonderful it's best to rent a car from Binicars Menorca Car. They are one the best car rental services on the island and provide you with the best car or bike to make your journey comfortable.

Want to try a new way of traveling? Ditch public transport or walking, rent a car in Menorca , and hit the road to discover the scenic routes on the Island's coasts. Menorca is a quaint Spanish island with charming roads, picturesque villages, and stunning viewpoints, making it a driver's paradise. In this blog, we have mentioned 5 of our favorite scenic routes in Menorca that you can take with your car rental.

Cami de Cavalls
Cami de Cavalls is not just any ordinary road – it is a 185 km-long trail that encircles the whole of Menorca, offering drivers striking views of the coastlines, brilliant blue waters, and amazing views. Since the ideal way to enjoy Cami de Cavalls is by foot or cycle, there are plenty of access points where you can park your car hire in Menorca and take in the rest of the sight by foot.
Cami de Cavalls is divided into 20 sections and intersects the city of Mahon, beaches at Cala Mitjana, Cala Pregonda, and Cala Pilar, cliffs at Cala Macarella, and the Favaritx lighthouse. Each section provides tourists ample guidelines and trail trackers through signposts and markers.
If you plan to visit this Balearic Island during a low season like November, you might not have many local transportation options as most tourist bus services are suspended until the high season returns.
And this is why cheap car hire services at Menorca, like Binicars, are the best alternative.

Sant Lluis to Binibequer
If you are attracted to the rural countryside, you mustn't miss the drive from Sant Lluis to Binibequer. You will pass through the heart of Menorca's landscape and end your drive at the most picturesque fishing village of Binibequer.
Most Spanish villages and towns have the typical whitewashed quaint buildings and narrow streets. And Sant Lluis is no different. After you leave the village, you will enjoy the view of the rural landscape rolling as you drive, strewn with lines of olive groves, meadows, farmlands, and hills.
You can stop at Sant Climent to visit its quaint churches or continue driving, fleeting through wildflowers and pine forest fields. Binibequer is the endpoint, the most anticipated part of the trip.
Binibequer is located on the southernmost coast of the island. It is a fishing village with clean and narrow alleys, cute buildings, and the old fishing port still thriving with activities. The waters of the Mediterranean Sea in Binibequer offer plenty of opportunities for sunbathing and swimming, while the cove provides amazing viewpoints for photographers.
You can also continue your drive to visit Cala Torret and Punta Prima beaches or head back inland to visit the villagers and have hearty fish-based meals.

Ciutadella to Cap de Cavalleria
This route connects the charming town of Ciutadella to the northernmost coast of the Island, Cap de Cavalleria. While driving, you'll pass through rolling countryside, beautiful beaches, and neat villages. Be sure to stop at the Cap de Cavalleria Ecomuseum, located in the proximity of Cavalleria Cape and the port of Sanitja.
You can also stop at the red sand beach of Cala Pregonda and the captivating lighthouse at Cap de Cevalleria, which offers beautiful panoramic views of the coast and the sea.
Don't forget to capture a couple of shots, a perfect way to revisit the place through photos.

Mahon to Es Grau
Make the most of your Menorca car hire service and explore this route's highly appreciated and scenic landscapes. The drive from Mahon to Es Grau will provide you with a cinema-like view packed with stunning shots of coastlines and villages.
In this relatively short ride, rent a car at Menorca's capital, Mahon. Mahon is considered one of the oldest towns on the island, known for its only airport in Menorca, the second natural harbor, great shopping markets, and the impressive Santa Maria church.
As you head towards Es Grau, you will be surprised by the rapidly changing landscape from city to rural. You will drive by lines of tiny village houses, farmland, and acres of pine forests.
Es Grau is a pretty fishing village on the edge of the S'Albufera des Grau nature reserve. It has many beaches that are popular for snorkeling and swimming, while the homes and local food offer a distinct Mediterranean feel.
You can drive to the S'Albufera des Grau nature reserve in your cheap car hire in Menorca. The reserve is home to a wide range of wildlife. If you enjoy kayaking and birdwatching, you will find many spots with great hiking trails.

Cala Galdana to Cala en Turqueta
Having a rental car at Menorca at your disposal is a pretty awesome thing. If you enjoy scenic routes, the drive from Cala Galdana to Cala en Turqueta will not disappoint you. The road will take you to the southmost coast of the Island, passing through a few of Menorca's most visited places by tourists.
Cala Galdana is a mesmerizing cove with a semicircular beach and crystal-clear turquoise blue waters. The place is surrounded by lush pine trees. Cal Galdana is one of the most popular beaches in Menorca, as it provides a tranquil effect to tourists and offers several water activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle boarding.
On the route, you will come across Cala Macarella, the beach with white sand on the west coast, followed by the pretty town of Ferreries. And then, the route will open to the countryside with rolling hills, pine forests, and lush farmlands.
Of course, the best part of the drive is the destination - Cala en Turqueta. It is an isolated cove nestled in the lap of rocky cliffs, pine trees, and a golden sandy beach. The path is little rough. You may have to park your rental car on Menorca's main road and walk the remaining route. The place offers great hiking opportunities for adventure junkies.
Menorca is endless possibilities for road adventures for road trippers. And no matter your route, Binicars' car rental in Menorca will elevate your experience.
Rent a car in Menorca or book on our website to discover the island through the roads.

Swimming, fishing, and snorkeling are the three most exciting things to do in Menorca. The sunny winter months are one of the best times of the year to fish and snorkel, as the sea is at its calmest now. To enjoy fishing in Menorca, you only need to rent a car in Menorca , some free time, a bit of patience, some bait, and a good fishing rod. The Mediterranean Sea is excellent water to cast lines and catch good fish. The seabed that surrounds this quiet Spanish island is rich in species for fishing as well as for an amazing snorkeling experience.

It is like entering a brand new world that you can only visit once or twice in a lifetime unless you live in Menorca. You will find a diverse ecosystem here, especially the tepid water temperature, good current depth, and sheering sunrays passing through the water like light beams, making the dive a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Menorca Coastline
The coastline of Menorca is vast and has different types of fishing landscapes, including rocky sea beds, calm bays, and sandy beaches. Boat fishing, kayak fishing, and shore fishing are popular ways to fish. With cheap car hire in Menorca, you can effortlessly move from one coastline to another and try your luck in fishing.

Boat trips allow tourists to discover the stunning landscape of Menorca at the hands of expert guides, ie, the fishermen. The tours include a fishing demo, fishing gear, and one hour of fishing. Kayaking allows anglers to traverse through narrow areas and access deeper parts that may be hard to reach by boats.

What Can You Fish in Menorca
For most Menorcans, fishing is part of their lives. It is a year-round profession, while some take it as a hobby. If you are visiting this island, you can go fishing for a day with our car rental service in Menorca.

Sea bass, snapper, mackerel, and bream are common fish species that can be caught in Menorca.

However, Peix de Roca is one of the most popular categories of fish. Peix de Roca means Rock Fish, and as the name suggests, it is found in the rocky seabed of the Island. Even amateur fishermen and tourists can easily find a catch as the fish swim not too far from the shore. So, you do not necessarily need a boat. However, you probably have to know the right time of the day to cast your line – when the fish are hungry.

They are 20 – 30 cm long and weigh up to 500 g each. These fish are considered attractive-looking species on the Menorcan coastline, with various colors and flavors. They typically feed on crabs and prawns, and small bits of calamari are their perfect bait. You can buy calamari from the fish markets in Menorca.

Different fish are native to the Peix de Roca species, such as Donzella, Vaca, Esparrall, and Serrano.

Overall, Menorca is a great place for fishing, being a Balearic Island in the Mediterranean Sea. However, it is important to note that fishing is regulated in Menorca, where some protected areas are prohibited from fishing. Reviewing the local terms and regulations for sustainable fishing practices and obtaining the required permits before fishing is suggested.

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Looking for cheap car hire in Menorca for your long vacation? If you are like most travelers, you prefer a good quality, comfortable car that will safely drive you around Menorca. Such cars will save you big money on website booking. Unless you want a flashy retro convertible – then your game changes totally. So, before you rent a car in Menorca, check out these car rental hacks for your next reservation.

Book in Advance and Pay Less Later
Like us, top car rentals in Menorca allow booking a car without prepaying. This is quite advantageous to a lot of travelers – you can swap your car for an upgraded model, cancel, reschedule, and even get a better deal upfront.
For instance, you can pre-book a car through our site, and if you are lucky enough, you might get a better deal for a better model when you visit to pick up the car keys.

Look for Seasonal Discounts and Referral Codes
While car hires in Menorca don’t often promote discounts widely, almost all of them run seasonal discounts. Before checking out, find out whether the car rental company is running any seasonal discounts or offers. You can also Google search for “X Car Rental Company Coupon Code” and save upto 30% on your booking cost, depending upon the season and car type.
In the case of Binicars, you can directly call our executives to find out about our ongoing offers and discounts.
Many car rental companies run reward and loyalty programs for travelers. Through these programs, you can earn points, perks, and rewards, which could save a lot of money when renting a car in Menorca. If you frequently travel, joining the loyalty program will help you save money on car rentals.

Rent Directly from the Rental Company
Intermediaries companies that allow comparing car rental prices from different companies may increase car rental rates significantly because of the commission or profit margin they add to the actual cost.
Travelers choose intermediary platforms because of online booking convenience. But now, many car rental companies in Menorca have their own online booking options via their website, social media, and even WhatsApp. So, our advice is to rent directly from the car hire company and get a better deal on your favorite car.

Check Rates on Multiple Versions of the Car Hire Company
When renting a car in a foreign country, compare rates on your home country’s website and the original version of the car rental company. You may find a huge price difference between both versions of the website, which might help you save more on your booking.
However, remember that credit card companies might charge you a fee for transacting in foreign currency. So, if the price difference is trivial, we suggest using the local car hire website.

Book Your Car as a Package Deal
You can save big bucks on your car hire services in Menorca if you bundle it into your hotel accommodation or flight package. Check options on Expedia or Trivago for offers and package deals.

Download Car Hire Company’s Mobile Application
Downloading a mobile application will enable the car rental Menorca company to deliver personalized experiences based on your search history, booking history, location, etc. Example: Your favorite car for your upcoming trip to Menorca at a discounted price.

Rent a Car in Menorca Today and Upgrade Upon Reaching No Extra Car
Five out of ten customers get an upgrade for free. Book a normal car online, and you could ask for an upgrade with additional features from the staff at the rental company if your booked car is unavailable. If you are lucky, you will get a premium upgrade on the rented car at no cost or a small price.
Here’s how you can get an upgrade from Binicar rental in Menorca
- If your booked car is unavailable, we will help you with an upgrade
- If you are an existing customer, we will be happy to help you anytime
- Just ask for an upgrade when you come to pick up your car keys, and we will give you options

Remember to Take Photos and Videos During Your Car Inspection
Snap pictures of any dents, scratches, or damage during the initial inspection of your rental car. This gives you an advantage in case the rental company tries to charge you for any damage you didn’t cause. You can also report these damages as soon as you see them.

Don’t Pay for Fuel Beforehand
When you rent a car in Menorca online, don’t pay for the fuel or gas or let the rental company fill the fuel for you. This could be an expensive deal. Rather, find the cheapest gas station nearby and fill the tank yourself. Choose gas stations in the city center or 10 miles away from the airport. Don’t choose stations near Mahon airport, as they tend to be overly pricey.

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Menorca is famous for mayonnaise, gin, cheese, handbags, belts, leather items, ceramics, jewelry, and footwear. Mahon, the capital city of Menorca, and Ciutadella, the former capital, are the best shopping markets for tourists. However, Alaior, Cala Galdana, Ferreries, Calan Porter, Es Mercadal, and Santa Tomas also have attractive markets. In addition, you can rent a car at Menorca airport in Mahon and quench your shopping splurge in a day.
Let's dig deeper into Menorca's popular markets for shopping.
Shopping in Mahon
Mahon is the island's capital city and has been since the 17th century. The island's only international airport is in Mahon, and no matter which town or destination you choose, you will have to pass through Mahon. Shopping is a visual treat in the city as hundreds of small boutique shops in the upmarket sell various art and crafts.
Placa Esplanada and Placa Baixamar, two tourists' favorite markets, stay open for shopping during the weekdays.
You can also buy fresh fish and unique delicacies from the Mercado de Pescado fish market from Tuesdays to Fridays and paella, seafood from the local cafes, and chic ham from the stalls.
A special mention to La Ventana Gourmet, one of the popular stores in Mahon where you can buy national products unique to the island of Menorca or Spain. If you are an international traveler, don't forget to try meat delicacies, cheese, dried fruits, and nuts. The store also sells canned olives, rare balms, seafood, handmade pasta, several types of locally produced vinegar, and a large section of fresh homestyle bakes and pastries. They make perfect souvenirs to carry back home.

Shopping in Ciutadella
Ciutadella is the former capital of Menorca, located at the westernmost section of the island. The culture is quite quaint with Moorish architecture, a stark contrast to Mahon's urbanized shopping centers. You will find many local artisans set up beautiful shops at Friday and Saturday during the weekends, retailing the best handmade products you will ever come across.
You can buy handicrafts at the summer market in Carrer de Perre Caplloncan from evening 10 PM to midnight.
However, the most unusual store in Ciutadella is Simply Menorca, located inside a historic building featuring eccentric design. The shop sells only original men's and women's garments, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Shopping in Es Mercadal
Es Mercadal is home to some of the best pastries in Spain, like Ensaimadas, Amargos, and Carquinyols. If you like food, you will find plenty of stalls selling fresh food and produce at local shops. The town also hosts many lovely cafes and bars for tourists. So, if you get thirsty between shopping, use our rental car in Menorca and visit one of the bars.

Shopping at Castillo
Castillo is one of the largest shopping centers in Menorca, which promises a great shopping experience and offers wholesome entertainment. You will find everything here: classic garments, unique jewelry stores, shoe stalls, gift shops, and goodies.
After shopping, you can drive up to the water park or the landscape garden using a cheap car hire service in Menorca and enjoy the beautiful weather. There's also an amusement park and go-kart center nearby for a quick recluse.

Hopping from one shopping market to another with a reliable car rental in Menorca is the best way to explore the shops. In addition, the island has many art galleries where unusual souvenirs are sold to tourists.
Most shops in Menorca are open Monday through Saturday. While there are certain exceptions, most local markets and stalls open from 9:00 to 13:30 and again from 17:00 to 20:30. Many restaurants provide service until midnight. Stores near the beach remain open throughout the day to attract more customers.
Finally, don't forget to buy Avacaras, the high-quality leather shoes created by local artisans. They are Menorca exclusives and aren't available anywhere else in the world.
If you are looking for car hire services in Menorca , book a car on the Binicars website.

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