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While road trips are fun, they can be exhausting and literally long. Packing food for road trips can be difficult for various reasons. You don't want to make yourself queasy by eating the wrong kind of food. So, whether you are booking a car rental service in Menorca or driving your own wheels, our easy food packing tips for car drives will make your road trip much easier.

Food Packing Tips for Car Drive

You cannot carry food that's hard for digestion and make you nauseous, have to get all your food together in as little space as possible and make sure your packed food doesn't spoil quickly. Being in the business of car hire in Menorca for years, we have come across many road trippers and car campers. We questioned a few of them and came up with this great list of food packing tips.

Cold Food Pack

There are several healthy snacks you pack for a road trip. Pack foods that can safely be frozen, at least for a couple of days. These include yogurt, thepla, salami and sausages, cheese macaroni, salads, club sandwiches, cheese, soft drinks, fruits and nuts, butter, and bread. Frozen food will keep the non-freezable foods cold. Also, carry jam, jelly, and cheese spreads.

Note:  Remember to pack wet/fresh foods separately from dry foods. Cold foods can create condensation, which can spoil dry foods.

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Tasty Snacks That You Can Safely Pack for Your Car Trips

Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds

They are power-charged with nutrients, light to carry, and lighter on the stomach. Make sure you pack fruits that are yet-to-ripe and less messy to eat, like bananas, apples, grapes, and pears. Dry fruits and nuts will keep you fueled for the long journey. You can munch them even while driving the car.

Fox Nuts or Makhanas

Fox nuts are extremely nutritious and packed with amazing flavors. They are also gluten-free and filling. You can roast them and store them in an airtight container for a tasty snack. Kids love them too.

Muffins and Sandwiches

Sandwiches have been our greatest travel companion. They are healthy, satisfying, and easy to make and pack. Cheese, vegetable club, chutney, salami, peanut butter + jam sandwiches go well with car drives.

Make healthy versions of muffins and pack them for you and your friends. If you want, ditch the sweet version and go for a savory variety of muffins made from chicken.

Protein bars and energy balls

For a hiking and camping road trip, these energy-rich snacks will be a savior in the long run. They are also quite hassle-free to carry in your pockets.

Boiled Eggs

Eggs are a complete source of nutrition. They are rich in protein, delicious, and will keep you satiated for many, many hours. They don’t get spoilt easily. You can carry boiled eggs for your trip or store raw eggs in foam boxes.

Other Dry Foods to Pack

Salt and pepper shakers, peanut butter, jam & jelly, cooking spray, pickle, olive oil, honey, and basic seasonings can be carried for your camping cooking.

Master the Art of Packing Food in Layers

Always have a basic meal plan in place for your camping trip. Such as the time of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pack your food in layers based on the schedule so you can easily access the food you’ll have first.

Packing foods separately in small quantities is always a good idea to avoid wasting food and limit the chance of contaminating food.

How to layer food?

Bottom Layer: ice, drinks, butter, chocolates, and marshmallows.

Middle Layer: Cheese, paneer, milk, cold cuts, sauces, dips, and spreads.

Top Layer:Bread, sandwiches, tortillas, cold salad, pre-cooked pasta, boiled eggs, etc.

Pack the Right Way

The food packing container matters. You should store snacks in airtight containers and keep them at arm's reach in the car so that you needn't have to dig through the coolers. Make sure the containers are of good quality. Sandwiches should be packed in butter paper or cling film. Wrap each food item separately to avoid mess. Carry a lot of ice cubes and refill your icebox whenever you pass a store.

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Summer is just around the corner, meaning now is the perfect time for a beach vacation.

Menorca is a good choice for a short distance travel, kid-friendly beach island destination in Spain. However, beaches can get pretty dull for kids after the first day. While you may be content under an umbrella reading a book, your kids will require more action than that to be occupied all day.

We have come up with many exciting activities that will keep your children happy for hours at the beach. Rent a car in Menorca so that you can bring the activities along to the shore.

Beach Fun Activities for Kids

Set up a Mini Golf

You will require a set of balls and clubs. Set up a few targets and dig holes into the sand. Let your children aim their golf balls. This game will improve hand-eye coordination and striking rate.

A Game of Frisbee

Substitute your ordinary frisbee game with a frisbee goal – set up tiny targets at different places on the sand using the things you have brought to the beach. Take turns to throw the frisbee as close as possible to the target. You can keep scores and let the winner have a nice cold ice cream.

Fly Kite

Beaches are a great place to fly a kite. They are readily available in beach shops and kids love them.

beach bowling

Who needs an aisle and runway when you have the entire beach to play bowling? You can either carry your own set of plastic pins and balls, or make a DIY ball-pin with reusable water bottles and balls.

Beach Style Tug of War

A beach vacation with kids (and ninja grownups) is incomplete without the tug of war. You will need a rope or a few towels or sheets tied together. Draw a line on the sand, divide kids into two teams, stand near the edge of the water, and get ready for the hustle.


Use a stick or rock to draw the famous hopscotch grid on the sand. You can also use small stones or pebbles to mark them. Take turns to complete the game.

Other games that you could try are rope skipping, volleyball, treasure hunt, sandman/castle, inuksuk building, and limbo.

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With plenty of fresh fish and dairy products available in Menorca, traditional cheese and sea food will spoil your mind and taste buds copiously. So, if you are traveling to Menorca, trust us, food is not something you should worry about. There's so much variety to eat that you will want to stay a couple more days to savor the cuisines. We have listed a few ''must have'' local dishes you may want to try in Menorca to get you started.

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Main Courses

Rice Brothers with Fish

It is a therapeutic rice combo stew made from local fish, like Serrano or Comber and rice. It is filling and delicious and a go-to-flavourful meal for the locals. If you are a rice lover, this dish should be your kind.

land rice

While the dish's name translates to ''Rice of the Land,'' this dish doesn't contain rice. Instead, it is mainly made with broken wheat and baked sausages. Sumptuous and hearty.

Cabrit or Lechona is Forn

This dish, translating into Roasted Kid or Suckling Pig, is a famous festive or holiday lunch menu. The meat is slow-cooked or roasted in a fire oven for a very long period until it falls off the bone. The main course is served with roasted potatoes. Any restaurant that has a good wood fire oven serves this dish.

grilled meat

If you don't like experimenting with your food and prefer soulful meals over adventurous ones, then this is what you should try. Locally farmed meat on the grill, flavored with sea salt, pepper, some herbs, spices and oil, grilled to perfection. The beef in Menorca is quite flavorful due to its soil, sea salt, and the grass that the animals graze. This dish can be prepared with lamb, pork, chicken, or beef.

Side Dishes

Fish Meatballs

Fish is often eaten as meatballs in Menorca. So, if a restaurant is serving fish meatballs, don't forget to try. Our recommendation includes Cod ab

Burrida (cod fish) and Albondigas de Cabracho (Scorpion fish).


Tumbet is one of the most popular side dishes made out of diced potatoes, aubergine, peppers, garlic, and onions. The vegetables are fried together until crisp. You can have it as it is or with meat and fish.


Nothing but a rich, cold, flavourful, and filling tomato soup traditionally eaten by the peasants at breakfast. Now it is available for lunch too.

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Are you traveling to Menorca by road next year? Whether you choose to rent a car at Mahon airport or drive your car to the island, traveling on the Spanish land requires certain security documents and permits. You would also want to know whether your driver's license is valid in Spain or not. Don't forget to carry the actual vehicle and driver documents below mentioned.

We have curated a list of important certificates that you will have to furnish to the Car rental company at Menorca. 

You may not be permitted to drive if you do not possess the documents listed under the 'Mandatory section.' 

They include:

  • A valid driving license.
  • passport
  • National ID card
  • Valid vehicle insurance certificate
  • Vehicle original registration document
  • Two Warning Triangles
  • Reflective Jackets for anyone who gets out of the car on the main road.

What Driver's License is Valid in Spain?

All international driving licenses and European Union driving licenses are permitted in Spain. However, international driving licenses are only valid for 1 year. To obtain an international driving license, you must have a license to drive in your country.

If you are driving your car, you must obtain a temporary circulation permit for your car from customs. If you are settling down in Menorca, you must register your car in Spain once the permit expires. You must add an oval sticker of your country's flag on the vehicle number plate to indicate your country to the local authorities.

Insurance certificate conditions vary with each traveler's country. Therefore, we suggest that you verify the prerequisites from the Spanish Embassy, ​​the Car Rental Company in Menorca, or your travel agent.

How to Rent a Car at Mahon Airport 

To rent a Car from Binicars – a leading car hire service provider in Menorca, you must be 21 years old and have a valid international driving license. You must have a clean driving history. Generally, the rates tend to change based on the driver's age, car type, and gear type. 

Important Rules to Remember When Driving in Spain

  • Drive on the right side.
  • Safety belts are mandatory for all occupants.
  • International travelers must carry all necessary documents.
  • You must follow the speed limits to avoid tickets.
  • overtaking is allowed from the left side only.
  • Smaller children (height less than 135 cm) must sit on the back seat only and use a child-restraint system.
  • You must carry a child-restraint system if you rent a car or travel a local taxi.

Road trips are surreal, believe it or not. With the right car, it could be the most memorable experience of your life. If you are an enthusiastic traveler with a great group of travel buddies and live in Spain, you must consider a road trip. If you have already planned for one, great!  

As road trips primarily involve a car, it should be your priority to ensure the car you are driving is up to scratch to serve you without falling apart. 

And to ensure that it makes your trip fun-tastic, we have laid down a perfect checklist that you can follow.


Checklist for Car Road Trip 

For a smooth journey, your car should be in tip-top condition. If you don't want to take your own car, you can always rent a car at Mahon Airport in Menorca.

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Make sure your  Car Battery  is new or completely charged, and in good condition. Even if it is not new, it shouldn't be more than three years old. Also make sure the electrical charging points are functioning well and there isn't any corrosion.

The  Tires  are very important and there are two vital things you must check –  air pressure and treads. The tires should be neither overinflated nor underinflated. They should be just right. Also, the treads should be deep enough so the tires don't wear out. Don't forget to carry a  Spare Tire. 

Change the  Air Filters  to prevent dust, bugs and dirt from entering the filters and maintain better air quality inside the car. Air filters should be changed after every 20000 kms.  

Check the  Engine Oil level. If it needs refilling, do it without hesitation. 

Inspect all The Car Fluid Levels , including brakes, windshield, transmission, power steering, radiator etc...

Check the  Brakes  and their accessories, like hose, drums, rotors, brake fluid and brake pads. 

Ensure the  HVAC system  is working properly for proper air circulation and adjust the steering, mounts, suspension and shocks before you hit the road. 

Test drive  a day or two before to ensure all things are in perfect shape. 


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