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There is no doubt that Menorca is an amazing place. This beautiful island has pristine natural beauty and majestic coastal resorts. One of the best ways to see the island is by renting a car or Scooter directly from Menorca airport.

Are you planning to visit Menorca soon? Maybe you are looking for the best things to do when renting a car or scooter with Binicars Menorca car hire. Well, look no further because this post has got you covered! Below are some of the top things you must see and do when visiting Menorca!


Cala Pregonda

Why don’t you go to the north side of the island to explore this stunning virgin beach Cala Pregonda? This beach on the northern coast is covered in golden sand and fringed by clear waters that shimmer under the sun.

Hort Sant Patrici

Drive into the heart of the country to explore Hort Sant Patrici. This hidden gem is an idyllic spot to sample signature bottles. What’s more, the restaurant, cheesemaker, and winery are rolled into one in this place. What more could you ask for?


This sought-after restaurant is hidden away among rural Menorca. However, it is worth seeking out to experience its dreamy ambiance and exquisite food. The restaurant’s menu is focused on dishes whipped up from locally sourced produce. You could also stay a night at it’s rural hotel.


Cova d’en Xoroi

This is a bar like no other in Menorca. Tucked away inside a cave on the cliff edge overlooking the glittering Mediterranean sea, makes this an ideal place to watch the sunset, along with sipping one of your favorite cocktails.. You will find this gem on the south coast in Cala’n Porter.

Parapente Biplaza Menorca

Did you know this is the most inspiring and exciting adventure in Menorca? It provides you with an experience of a lifetime, along with three flight areas: S’Enclusal, Son Bou, or Monte Toro. Every paragliding flight could last between fifteen to forty minutes.


Fornells is great for fun activities like, scuba diving, sailing, jet skiing kayaking, boat trips and many more. The best way to get to Fornells is by car hire Menorca or scooter hire Menorca.

Naveta d’Es Tudons

Make sure you visit this place if you plan to rent a car in Menorca. This three-thousand-year-old architecture functions as a remarkable monument and a physical symbol to people in Menorca. Set on the western part of the island, the architecture’s exterior is regularly open to the public.

Aeroclub & Hippodrome

Many horse racing events take place here and there is also a nearby go kart track for the thrill seekers. Situated Between Mahon and the town of Sant Lluis, it functioned as the only airport in the region until 1969, when the larger Mahon airport was established.

Cales Coves

This Cala provides outstanding landscape vistas, which never appear to fade in attractiveness. It is where you can cherish the region’s colourful past with the man-carved caves and peaceful crystal clear waters..

Mahon Port

The Port of Mahon is considered the globe’s second-deepest natural port, presenting unbelievable panoramic views of the town and beyond. You won’t be disappointed if you do decide to rent a car or scooter in Menorca!

Best Car hire at Menorca airport


Autos Amigos

Autos Victoria





Autos Xoroi


Autos maximo



Rent a 125/125cc scooter in Menorca for your holiday to enjoy this beautiful Balearic island of Spain, located in the Mediterranean Sea. There are lots of benefits to renting a scooter and also they can be a lot cheaper than renting a car. Scooters are one of the best ways of traveling around the island of Menorca. Here are a few reasons why you should choose to rent a scooter in Calan Porter. Also, scroll down to check one of the best scooter rental companies in Menorca.


It is Cheaper of Course:

If you are on a tight budget, scooter rentals work out cheaper and can help you save on fuel costs. The petrol tank on a scooter is very small in comparison to a car, therefore costs very little to fill up. You can spend your leftover cash on other things you wish to do!

Perfect for Taking in the View:

Menorca is a beautiful island. Sitting in a car doesn’t quite let you see everything, but riding high on a scooter will let you take in the breathtaking views all around the island.. You can also take the less explored narrow roads, where cars and local transport cannot travel.

Easy to Park and Hop off:

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a scooter in Menorca is that you can park anywhere without having to pay for parking. Finding an adequate parking space for cars can be at a cost and have you driving around for a while. Since bikes are smaller and narrower in size, you can squeeze them into small spaces easily and just hop off.


Saves Time on your trip:

Time is the true essence of a trip, especially when you have too many places to visit. Local transport can prove detrimental when you have little time to move around the city. Finding and hiring a taxi may take you longer than just hopping on your bike and visiting the nearest Art Gallery.

Scooters are Environmental Friendly:

We are truly aware of the importance of living in a greener environment. As a tourist, you will be doing a favour to Menorca in reducing the air pollution level by renting a scooter. 125/125 cc Scooters have smaller engines, which emit less C02 than cars.

What is the Best Scooter Rental Company in Menorca?

While there are many scooter rental service providers, Binicars is one of the leading companies for car and scooter hire, recognised for their vast fleet of vehicles and excellent customer service. You can hire a scooter directly from the airport or visit their office in Calan Porter to choose your bike. Check their website for more details.

There is no denying that a road journey is fun, particularly on the beautiful island of Menorca. The thrill of a road trip is that YOU create your journey. Stop to explore on the way and visit the many places the island has to offer.

If you are renting a car in Menorca, the following tips will help you enjoy the experience:

Rent a Car in Menorca: Instead of using the local transport, use a car hire service in Calan Porter or Rent a car at Menorca airport directly. Traveling in a hire car in Menorca will give you an unforgettable experience.

Make sure you use a rental car company that offers you comprehensive insurance with no excess, 24h road side assistance, free additional drivers, no hidden extras and a personal service.

Choose your Vehicle Wisely: In Menorca, a small car is ideal for couples, easy to drive and easy to park. You can also rent a scooter to explore the narrow roads of the small local villages..

Speed limits: if not sign posted otherwise, the speed limit in the towns is 40km/h and on the main roads 90km/h.

Use Google Maps: If you want to plan and organise your trip, we recommend you use Google Maps. Also, Google Maps helps you locate the local shops, petrol stations and fun activities nearby..

Go Local: Enjoy what the island has to offer by going local, try the many authentic restaurants, visit the unique local shops, taste the fresh produce, not forgetting the famous Menorcan Gin Xoriguer. Booking an All inclusive holiday can be tempting, however Menorca has so much to offer and we suggest self catering in a Villa or apartment is the best option to experience the real Menorcan dream.

Carry Essentials: Map, guidebook, torch, drinks, snacks, etc., incase you decide to enjoy a long day out.

Book Ahead of Time: Certain tourist destinations in Menorca fill up very quick. So, it’s a good idea to reserve in advance for accommodation and car hire, so you are not disappointed.

When you plan for a vacation in Menorca, Spain – which we must add is one of the most beautiful Balearic Islands around – you may wonder what type of car you need to get will find the answers here.

Traveling using a car rental service in Menorca is a far better form of seeing the island than using expensive local transport and commercial taxis. Besides, you can rent a car at Mahon Airport and return it there at the end of your stay.


So, ‘what car do I hire’ is probably your next question.

Well, to answer that, you must consider a couple of things. They include

How many members are traveling with you?

Are there any children?

What locations are you planning to visit in Menorca?

What is the duration of your stay?

Do you have insurance and a driving license?

Best Cars to Rent for You

If you are traveling solo or with a buddy, you can rent a scooter in Menorca as well and travel cost-effectively.


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Planning a trip to Menorca? Rent a car at Mahon airport and save money. Car rental services are pretty common in Menorca and it makes more sense to book a car for your vacation rather than rely on local transports or spend more on taxi rides. However, if you are new to this service system, then it is important to keep in mind the following tips before renting a car at the airport.


What Should I Know before Looking for Car Rental in Menorca?

Check several online travel portals in Menorca and read the reviews. You can also join groups on Facebook before planning your trip. It will be helpful to get information from travelers who have traveled to the same place recently.

• Check if your license is accepted

It is pretty important to learn the driving license policies in the country you are planning to trip. You might need an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) or some special document to gain a driving permit. Talk to the local agencies for clarity.

• Are the streets driving-friendly?

You may be used to driving in your city. But the quality of roads and traffic of the destination may affect your trip if you don’t plan it ahead of time. Safety, traffic rules, and potholes, etc. can dampen your driving spirit. So, find out from locals or do a quick google search.


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