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Menorca is famous for mayonnaise, gin, cheese, handbags, belts, leather items, ceramics, jewelry, and footwear. Mahon, the capital city of Menorca, and Ciutadella, the former capital, are the best shopping markets for tourists. However, Alaior, Cala Galdana, Ferreries, Calan Porter, Es Mercadal, and Santa Tomas also have attractive markets. In addition, you can rent a car at Menorca airport in Mahon and quench your shopping splurge in a day.
Let's dig deeper into Menorca's popular markets for shopping.
Shopping in Mahon
Mahon is the island's capital city and has been since the 17th century. The island's only international airport is in Mahon, and no matter which town or destination you choose, you will have to pass through Mahon. Shopping is a visual treat in the city as hundreds of small boutique shops in the upmarket sell various art and crafts.
Placa Esplanada and Placa Baixamar, two tourists' favorite markets, stay open for shopping during the weekdays.
You can also buy fresh fish and unique delicacies from the Mercado de Pescado fish market from Tuesdays to Fridays and paella, seafood from the local cafes, and chic ham from the stalls.
A special mention to La Ventana Gourmet, one of the popular stores in Mahon where you can buy national products unique to the island of Menorca or Spain. If you are an international traveler, don't forget to try meat delicacies, cheese, dried fruits, and nuts. The store also sells canned olives, rare balms, seafood, handmade pasta, several types of locally produced vinegar, and a large section of fresh homestyle bakes and pastries. They make perfect souvenirs to carry back home.

Shopping in Ciutadella
Ciutadella is the former capital of Menorca, located at the westernmost section of the island. The culture is quite quaint with Moorish architecture, a stark contrast to Mahon's urbanized shopping centers. You will find many local artisans set up beautiful shops at Friday and Saturday during the weekends, retailing the best handmade products you will ever come across.
You can buy handicrafts at the summer market in Carrer de Perre Caplloncan from evening 10 PM to midnight.
However, the most unusual store in Ciutadella is Simply Menorca, located inside a historic building featuring eccentric design. The shop sells only original men's and women's garments, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Shopping in Es Mercadal
Es Mercadal is home to some of the best pastries in Spain, like Ensaimadas, Amargos, and Carquinyols. If you like food, you will find plenty of stalls selling fresh food and produce at local shops. The town also hosts many lovely cafes and bars for tourists. So, if you get thirsty between shopping, use our rental car in Menorca and visit one of the bars.

Shopping at Castillo
Castillo is one of the largest shopping centers in Menorca, which promises a great shopping experience and offers wholesome entertainment. You will find everything here: classic garments, unique jewelry stores, shoe stalls, gift shops, and goodies.
After shopping, you can drive up to the water park or the landscape garden using a cheap car hire service in Menorca and enjoy the beautiful weather. There's also an amusement park and go-kart center nearby for a quick recluse.

Hopping from one shopping market to another with a reliable car rental in Menorca is the best way to explore the shops. In addition, the island has many art galleries where unusual souvenirs are sold to tourists.
Most shops in Menorca are open Monday through Saturday. While there are certain exceptions, most local markets and stalls open from 9:00 to 13:30 and again from 17:00 to 20:30. Many restaurants provide service until midnight. Stores near the beach remain open throughout the day to attract more customers.
Finally, don't forget to buy Avacaras, the high-quality leather shoes created by local artisans. They are Menorca exclusives and aren't available anywhere else in the world.
If you are looking for car hire services in Menorca , book a car on the Binicars website.

Mahon is the beautiful capital city of Menorca that offers the best shopping, food & beverage, accommodation, sightseeing, plus scooter & car rental in Menorca. In addition, it provides charming views of the Mediterranean sea due to its location near the world's second-largest natural harbour.
Mahon is a beautiful historic Spanish city that has a lot to offer travelers. To roam around the city, you can either rent a car at Menorca's airport or take a walk.
Let's see the top things to do in Mahon.

Visit the Natural Harbor
Boat tours are always exciting, but when visiting the world's second-largest natural harbor, the excitement doubles. Mahon's boat tour (glass and wood bottom boats available) of the natural Harbour, is one of the best sea experiences you'll have.

Enjoy a Train ride on the Mahon Express
Mahon Express is a classic red train that takes you through some of the significant places in Mahon during a one-hour journey. The train starts from Plaça des'Esplanada and travels around Mahon city. It is a cheap way to enjoy the views of Mahon, where you have the option to hop on and off at any key point during the journey. It is perfect for children and adults with walking difficulties.

Teatro Principal de Mahon – one of Spain's Oldest Opera House
A little sneak peek at the striking interiors is all you need to fall in love with this beautiful theatre, established in 1829. Even if you don't love operas, the place will mesmerize you .

Savor the Best of Menorcan Food
Food is an integral part of any trip.. Mahon won't disappoint you. Choose a cheap car hire service in Menorca and hop from one café to another lined across the harbour. From mouth-watering seafood dishes, like the legendary Lobster stew, to fine dining and wine, Mahon has it all. However, if you want the best waterfront view, we suggest booking a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the harbour. There are many to choose from.

Stock Up Your Shopping Bags with Local Gastronomy
Did you know that Mayonnaise was invented on this very island? Yes, from lip-smacking mayonnaise to exotic seafood to remarkable gin, Mahon holds some great food legacies. In addition, the island is home to several types of local cheeses, foods, beverages and other gastronomical delights that change seasonally.
Mahon market bustles with local shops selling authentic Spanish snacks, savouries and seafood. The market turns merry during the night, as the shop sellers set up hot seafood counters, serving fried prawns, lobsters and a variety of drinks.
Also, you can buy fresh veggies, seafood and meat early in the morning in Menorca. Use a car hire service to travel from one point to another.

Explore Xoriguer Gin Distillery
Xoriguer Gin is Menorca’s speciality that is not available or replicated in any other part of the world. It is also one of the prized commodities on the Island. Xoriguer Gin was invented in the 18th century during the British invasion when the locals craved a good drink. Mahon people infused homegrown juniper berries in alcohol to make the gin.
On your distillery tour, you can view the primary copper stills, sample the gin and even purchase it. You can use our car hire service in Menorca to reach the Xoriguer Gin Distillery.

Shop for Your Perfect Shoe
Shoemaking is a beautiful tradition in Menorca, one of their prized handicrafts. So when you visit Mahon, don’t forget to buy yourself a pair of Avarcas or Menorquinas, the popular handmade footwear. Formerly designed to keep the feet cool and warm, these shoes are a century-old tradition worn by the locals.
There are plenty of shops in Mahon that sell sandals in hundreds of colours. You can buy them ready-made or get a pair customized for you.

Visit the Local Museum
The Museum of Menorca was established in the 17th century. You will find it in the cobbled stones of the old city of Mao. The place showcases the beautiful history of Menorca, including fascinating trade and commerce insights, ancient art, culture and even contemporary industries.

These are just a few things you can do in Mahon when visiting Menorca. The airport of Menorca is located 3 Kms (5 mins) from Mahon capital. So, no matter what your plans are, you will definitely come through Mahon. You can choose a car hire service at Menorca's airport. Book it online or give us a call.

You are going to love Menorca if you like less crowded beaches, super fine sand, warm weather, and crystal-clear waters. With more than 100 spectacular beaches and a 216 km coastline, this Mediterranean Island is perfect for beach lovers who prefer a more laid-back destination than Ibiza or Mallorca.
Laid back or not, this island has very good infrastructure and facilities for tourists. Right from great accommodation options to amazing boat tours and water sports to cheap car rental, Menorca has quite a lot to offer.
In this blog, we will talk about the five best cruises and boat trips in Menorca (P.S. all are our personal favourites).

Natural Coves and Beaches Boat Trip
The 7-hour trip is offered by Menorca Blava, one of Menorca’s top boat trip companies. Explore the Island’s southern coast, sail to Menorca’s most natural beaches, such as Son Saura and Cala Turquela, discover Macarella and Macarelleta coves, and enjoy scrumptious Mediterranean cuisines. You will get a live tour guide fluent in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian languages.
The trip starts from the old port of Ciutadella. It doesn’t include hotel pick-up and drop-off, water activities, or car hire service in Menorca.

Visit Up to 8 South Beaches in Half a Day
Want to cover the best of Menorca’s south beaches? Choose this boat trip offered by Marenostrum Charter. All you have to do is sit back and relax while the cruise takes you to six to eight most stunning beaches of Menorca that are less crowded. You will also be provided with snorkelling gear and a stand-up paddle in case you wish to snorkel and explore the undersea world.
The trip is 3 – 4 hours long with stops at the following beaches: Cala Turqueta, Cala Escorxada, Cala Macarelleta, Cala Macarella, Cala Trebaluger, Playa Arenal De Son Saura, Cala Galdana, and Cala Fusta.

Catamaran Trip and Snorkelling
A perfect way to discover the northern coast of Menorca in an exclusive Catamaran. The catamaran is the fastest sailing vessel in Menorca, ideal for small groups not exceeding 10 people. This is a 3 hours tour offered by Katayak Menorca, includes a visit to one or two beaches, coves, or virgin bays depending upon the weather, and guided snorkelling.
You can snorkel in the clear blue waters of Menorca. A certified guide will accompany you, and all equipment will be provided for the guests. This wholesome boat ride will help you disconnect from city life with your family and friends. Get unlimited drinks and snacks to devour and breath-taking landscapes to view.

Full-Day Boat Trip with Authentic Lunch
Unwind and refresh in the calmness of the sea and freshness of the air. The full-day Menorca boat tour offered by Excursions Menorca takes you to the best beaches around, swimming in unspoiled bays, and a hearty paella lunch on the board.
You will stop at virgin beaches like Son Saura, Cala en Turquela, and Cala Macarella-Macarelleta, bask in the sun, go swimming or snorkelling, or simply relax on the boat.
At lunchtime, you will be served an authentic paella lunch with a glass of Sangria. Get tourist guides in several languages. Note that snorkelling equipment or an instructor is not included in the trip package.
While the company offers pick-up and drop-off service at an additional cost, you can rent a car in Menorca at a much more affordable price for your entire tour from Binicars.

Kayaking and Snorkelling in Menorca’s Marine Reserve
Enjoy Kayaking? This is the perfect opportunity to paddle through the most beautiful marine reserve in Fornells, Minorca. Kayak through the northern coast of Menorca and snorkel in two different areas of a marine reserve. You will have plenty of time to sunbathe and rest on the beach of s’Arenelet before paddling back to the starting point.
The 3.5 hour-trip includes a paddle and life vest, drum for personal belongings, guide in three languages, insurance, double or single kayak, and snorkelling gear.

Hope this blog helps you choose the right boat trip in Menorca for you and your family. For cheap car hire in Menorca, you can book our cars online.

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Snorkeling in Menorca is a major tourist attraction. It is a fun and rewarding activity that doesn't require diving & swimming skills or any certification course. It also doesn't need you to haul heavy equipment. 

Even if you cannot swim, you can have a fantastic snorkeling experience in many areas. In this blog, you will find snorkeling tips for non-swimmers shared by the best snorkeling guides and expert scuba divers who visit us for car rental in Menorca

Being in the Menorca car hire business for several years, we have made friends with the cream of snorkelers, divers, and swimmers from around the world. They frequently rent a car at Menorca airport through our website.

Fortunately, few of them shared great ideas on how non-swimmers can snorkel without fear in the oceans.


How Non-Swimmers Can Snorkel in Menorca – Expert Tips   

Snorkeling is a surface water activity that mainly involves floating and very little swimming. Many non-swimmers snorkel in the clear waters of Menorca's beaches all the time. And if you are one among them, all you need to know is the basic technique and be comfortable in the waters. 


Choose a Non-Swimmer-Friendly Snorkeling Spot

Menorca has several snorkeling beaches for non-swimmers. We suggest choosing a shallow bay, such as Cala Macarella or Cala Morell. Rent a car at Menorca from our fleet and find a suitable location with the following tips.

  • Locate a beach with calm waters – it will give you clear underwater visibility and decrease your chances of encountering waves and other issues, such as equipment flooding and uneven entry or exit. 
  • Choose a spot with low currents. It will allow you to stay at your entry point without constantly fighting for water flow. 
  • Make sure there are no entanglement problems or dangerous marine animals below.


Snorkeling from the Beach vs. boats

You might also have to decide whether you will snorkel from the beach or the boat.

Our expert friends recommend that non-swimmers and first-time snorkelers stay closer to the shallow waters than go on a boat. 

This is because staying on the beach will give you control over your activity. You can stand up whenever you want, practice your gear before entering, and gradually venture into the deep waters after gaining confidence. 

Many of Menorca’s beaches have reefs right on the shores, allowing snorkelers plenty of marine life to explore in the shallow waters. 

On the other hand, boat snorkeling is an excellent option when it comes to choosing a great spot for exploring marine life. Plus, an experienced instructor will be with you to provide guidance at each step. 

Many tour operators in Menorca offer special trips for beginners and non-swimmers, where coaches will teach the basics on shallow waters, including techniques, getting comfortable with water, and using the gear, and then take you on the boating excursion. 

However, snorkeling by boat isn't for people who are scared of deep waters as it won't give you the luxury to test and try waters before you snorkel. 


Focus on Good Quality Gears 

If you wear loose-fitting, low-quality shoes, you won't be able to run for long. Similarly, poor-quality snorkeling gear that doesn't fit will be problematic – your gear may come off when you are in the waters, cloud your eyes, or leave you breathless.  

Even though snorkeling requires minimum gear, such as a mask, fins, and a snorkel, they must be of the best quality and quite fitting. As a non-swimmer beginner, you must also get a floatation device. 

Like our car hire, Menorca has plenty to offer when it comes to snorkels – you can rent gear or buy your own. 

Trying the gear in a swimming pool or a shallow spot on the beach will help you to control the pressure force and your breathing and check if the mask and fins fit properly. 

Choose a dry snorkel with a purge tube that prevents water from getting into the tube, even when fully underwater. 

Get the sizing right for the fins; they should offer a snug fit around your feet. The blades should be flexible, light, and short. 

The head mask should have a high-quality silicone skirt for a good seal, quick-adjustable buckles, and comfortable head straps. 

As many recommend full masks for beginners due to their comfort level, we suggest being cautious when choosing full masks because they can build up carbon dioxide and be challenging to remove. 


Don't Snorkel Alone on Beaches

Practicing in a swimming pool differs from snorkeling in Menorca's real beach waters. Even though snorkeling is safe, you are still in the ocean. You are exposed to many things like sharp reefs, wildlife, strong currents, and wind. 

For this reason, no one should snorkel or swim alone in the ocean, regardless of their strong swimming skills. And as a non-swimmer and snorkeling beginner, it is best you follow the rules, stay with someone experienced or be in the vicinity of the group. 

Anything can happen during the excursion. You could get leg cramps, become fatigued to continue, or lose a gear. Having people around will ensure you receive aid immediately. 


Other Tips from Our Friendly Experts 

  • Travel with a buddy to the beach always. And don't forget to use our car hire in Menorca to get to the beach. In an emergency, you can always return to your hotel quickly. 
  • Ensure lifeguards are around and the place is moderately crowded for safety reasons.
  • Choose a sandy part of the beach or a sandy beach for easy entry. 
  • Wear a floating device for safety. You can choose between vests, life jackets, ski belts, swim buoys, and pool floats.
  • Stay calm and composed, and be aware of your surroundings. 


Hope these tips from our experts ease out your first snorkeling experience in Menorca. 

If you want to rent a car in Menorca, are looking for cheap car hire near Menorca beaches, or need an online car rental at Menorca airport, we have different solutions available.

Diving into the crystal clear warm coast and discovering the beautiful world underwater is now at hand’s reach. Rent a car in Menorca, drive to one of the beaches, and fulfill your snorkeling dream.

With more than 100 beaches to explore, Menorca is one of the best places to Snorkel in Spain. The waters are usually clear, blue, and calm. The beaches on southern Menorca are sandier, while the beaches on the Northern part are rockier with the rocky seabed. As a car hire in Menorca, we meet many tourists who come here for scuba diving and snorkeling. 


Why Snorkeling in Menorca is a Great Experience

The well-preserved Posidonia meadows in Menorca offer a great snorkeling experience. Menorca’s coasts will surprise you as they depict a great diversity of underwater flora and fauna, colors, and textures –things that we can never see on the surface of the land. 

Since Menorca’s waters are warm and crystal clear, they offer an ideal environment for snorkeling and swimming. However, we recommend the coast of the marine reserve located at Menorca’s north. Since the area is restricted to fishing, you will find different varieties of fish. 

While any cove or rocky beach corner is an ideal place to dive and snorkel, we suggest the easier parts for beginners, such as bays and inlets. 

Also, remember that not all beaches are accessible by car. So, even if you rent a car at Menorca airport or use our car hire services, you may have to walk for half an hour to reach your beach. Alternatively, you can hire a boat. 


What’s the Best Time to Snorkel in Menorca?

July through October are the best seasons to snorkel in Menorca because the seawater temperature is perfect for soaking in. If you like a warmer temperature, the summer months will be a better choice. The water will be tepid and nice, with the temperature hovering over 28 degrees. 

There are different kinds of species in the waters of Menorca. Balearic Island has vibrant marine life. You will find sea anemones, starfish, octopuses, moray eels, sponges, sea bream, turbot, millet, scorpionfish, and groupers.


Top Snorkeling Beaches in Menorca

Some of the most beautiful snorkeling beaches in Spain are located in Menorca. If you are visiting the island during summer, you may find the beaches more crowded than usual, particularly early and late summer months. 

The top 10 snorkeling sites are listed below. While most of them are accessible by Menorca car hire services, you still might require to walk for 10 minutes to reach the beaches.

South of Menorca

Cala Blanca

Calo Fondo

Cala Coves 

Cala Macarella 

Cala en Porter 


North of Menorca

Cala Pregonda

Cala Morell

Marine Reserve Minorca

Cala Tamarells 

Cala Viola de Ponent 

Binibeca, Punta Prima, Arenal D’en Castell, and Cala Pilar are a few of our favorite places to snorkel with friends. You can find reasonable snorkeling gear at Decathlon in Mahon. Alternatively, you can rent gear from local shops. 

There are diving schools in Menorca that offer well-rounded snorkeling safaris. The schools are professional and guided by certified scuba divers, with everything included in the price, such as gear, life jacket, wet suit, etc., unless exceptions are mentioned. 

Diving schools are ideal for children and beginners. 

Don’t forget to bring an underwater camera or waterproof phone cover to take amazing pictures of marine life. For car rental in Menorca, you can pre-book a suitable car online via our website. 

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