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Road trips are surreal, believe it or not. With the right car, it could be the most memorable experience of your life. If you are an enthusiastic traveler with a great group of travel buddies and live in Spain, you must consider a road trip. If you have already planned for one, great!  

As road trips primarily involve a car, it should be your priority to ensure the car you are driving is up to scratch to serve you without falling apart. 

And to ensure that it makes your trip fun-tastic, we have laid down a perfect checklist that you can follow.


Checklist for Car Road Trip 

For a smooth journey, your car should be in tip-top condition. If you don't want to take your own car, you can always rent a car at Mahon Airport in Menorca.

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Make sure your  Car Battery  is new or completely charged, and in good condition. Even if it is not new, it shouldn't be more than three years old. Also make sure the electrical charging points are functioning well and there isn't any corrosion.

The  Tires  are very important and there are two vital things you must check –  air pressure and treads. The tires should be neither overinflated nor underinflated. They should be just right. Also, the treads should be deep enough so the tires don't wear out. Don't forget to carry a  Spare Tire. 

Change the  Air Filters  to prevent dust, bugs and dirt from entering the filters and maintain better air quality inside the car. Air filters should be changed after every 20000 kms.  

Check the  Engine Oil level. If it needs refilling, do it without hesitation. 

Inspect all The Car Fluid Levels , including brakes, windshield, transmission, power steering, radiator etc...

Check the  Brakes  and their accessories, like hose, drums, rotors, brake fluid and brake pads. 

Ensure the  HVAC system  is working properly for proper air circulation and adjust the steering, mounts, suspension and shocks before you hit the road. 

Test drive  a day or two before to ensure all things are in perfect shape. 


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Tips for Traveling Long Distance with Kids

Are you planning on renting a car in Menorca? Traveling by car is fun – the bigger the group, the merrier. But when you have children on board, it could get  a bit challenging, particularly when the journey is long. But don’t worry, we have a few smart tips that will make traveling with kids a breeze. 

An ideal way to get  the most out of your holiday is traveling by car and choosing the right rental car service in Menorca. Car rentals in Menorca offer a better solution than traveling by local transport with kids. If you are looking for an affordable company, rent a car at Mahon airport from Binicars and unwind in mystique Menorca with your children. 


Plan Your Trip with Maximum Breaks

Don’t drive too far in one day – ensure you give your kids a break from the car seats every few hours (this is easy in Menorca as everywhere is close by). If you are traveling with infants and toddlers, you may have to stop for a nappy change or feed on your journey, so leave prepared from your accommodation with nappies, water, food etc.


Time Your Travel Plans Based on Baby’s Schedules

Plan your drive time when your baby is due a nap. Hopefully this way your baby will fall asleep in the back of the car, letting you reach your destination before he or she wakes up again.


Rent a larger car if you need child seats

Rent a bigger car so you have plenty of space for child seats. Also, we suggest you take time packing your vehicle – ensure essentials are at arm’s reach, water, wipes etc. Make sure the vehicle’s boot is large enough for your baby’s buggy and also the luggage if you are picking or dropping the rent a car at Mahon Airport. Buy a traveling organizer bag to pack nappies, bibs, wipes, creams, nappy bags etc.


Plan to take food

Babies and children can get a bit restless when they are hungry. Make sure you have enough supplies that last the entire road trip. Carry a thermo with hot water for formula milk, finger foods to keep them happy and other treats to make the journey fun. 


Keep entertained 

If you’re a couple traveling with your baby, make sure one sits in the back of the car to keep him or her entertained, while you drive to visit the many places the island of Menorca has to offer.


Road trips in Spain feel different. As if God made the country envisioning long drives and amazing scenes. Whether it is a weekend getaway to Menorca or a three-week fully-planned bachelor party, driving from one destination to another with a group of nomads is one of the easy-to-take vacations. However, while driving is fun, we have also to consider the safety of traveling. And therefore, we have mentioned a few handy tips for long-distance traveling on highways that are worth considering. 

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Tips for Driving on Highways

When traveling, we must exercise extra caution while driving on highways, where animals freely move around, and there is no police to enforce traffic rules. Hence, these tips will come in handy.

- Follow the speed limit mentioned on the signage and stick to your speed. If the road is wet, slow down, despite no traffic. Be smart about keeping a distance between the vehicle up ahead and behind to allow smooth braking.


- Switching lanes is an important traffic rule on highways as most vehicles drive at lightning speed. Ensure you follow the rules to the 'T' before maneuvering. Do not drive in the wrong lane, do not overtake, and recognize the speed differences between the two lanes. Give appropriate signals to the cars behind before changing your lanes. 

- Keep a wide distance between vehicles. You cannot predict traffic, and there could be situations that you can avoid if you maintain space, like sudden braking, lane change, and accidents. Follow the 3 seconds rule – when the car ahead of you passes by a signboard, ensure you pass it after 3 seconds. Increase the time to 5 seconds when driving in the rain. 

- Do not overtake unless it is necessary or when there is no danger ahead and behind. Anticipate the vehicle's speed, give clear signs, use the appropriate gear (choose a lower gear), and look for approaching vehicles. Once you overtake, build a gap between you and the vehicle behind before falling into the track.

- Keep checking the mirrors. Take a glance at all three mirrors. The rear-view mirror is important to check before overtaking and switching lanes. 


- Do stop at regular intervals to rejuvenate and avoid driver fatigue. Also, stay hydrated, use more fresh air than AC mode, and change the temperature to stay alert.


When it comes to choosing between a powerful, super-looking bike or a simple but comfortable scooter for long drives in Menorca, we would suggest the latter.

Here's why renting a 125/125CC in Menorca will be a profitable option for your trips.

Scooter Rental in Menorca – Comfortable, Affordable, and Sizable

Better engine, advanced technology, comfortable seating, and spacious – more and more scooters are being launched for scooter rental and traveling. Hiring a scooter from scooter rentals in Menorca can save you time and money compared to driving in your car or using local transport.

The scooter improves posture and also takes away the concern of gears and clutches. But the question still plagues many travelers – how safe and comfortable scooters are for long-distance travel?

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Reasons Why Scooters are Good for Long-Distance Travel in Menorca

  • Menorca is a beach island without rough terrains or hill roads. Therefore, riding a scooter will be easier.
  • If you are carrying a small cargo, a scooter helps store and lock essential items and foods for the long rides. Also, the luggage carrying capacity is much better on a scooter than on bikes.
  • The seats of scooters are broader than bikes which makes sitting posture perfect. You will most likely not develop back pain by riding a scooter.
  • Due to the absence of gear and clutch, riding a scooter is relaxing and stress-free. It is almost like driving an automatic car.
  • Today's most 125/125CC scooters can run 80km/hour without buckling in. Well, that's a good cover when road tripping. Besides, what's the rush when you are in the scenic Menorca?

If you decide to drive from one town to another on the busy roads, a scooter is a safer and more comfortable two-wheeler than a bike.

If you are visiting Menorca with the idea of ​​hiking, backpacking is an essential aspect that makes outdoor adventures fun and safe.

However, in general, whenever you are backpacking, certain things are mandatory to consider. They include the location (how far or remote it is), the weather forecast, the terrain and the vehicle. The standard rule is = the longer, farther, and rougher the hike is, the more gear, food, water and clothing you need.

It is good to start your hiking journey on a scooter rather than in a car because bikes are easier to park, easier to rent, and easier to maneuver.

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For an Elaborate Overnight Trip, Backpacking Checklist includes:

  • 2.Medical kit
  • 3. Soap, sanitizer, and other hygiene supplies
  • 4.Repair tool kit
  • 5. Matchbox
  • 6. Clothing based on the weather
  • 7.Watch
  • 8.Tent
  • 9. Flashlight and batteries
  • 10. Repellents and spray
  • 11.Sleeping bag
  • 12. Kitchen essentials, like stove, gas lighter, fuel
  • 13. Food and water (plenty)
  • 14.Water purifying treatment

The essentials may change based on the place, camping site and the number of days of the trip.

Choosing the right backpack is essential. If you are staying overnight or for more than a couple of nights, ideally, you should get a 30 – 50 liter backpack.

Since you cannot survive or hike without food, make sure you store plenty of it. Energy drinks and foods like bars, protein shakes, trail mixes, nuts, jerky and hard cheese can easily be eaten and carried along. Depending upon the available sources of water to the place you are going, plan your water content. Generally, one must have ½ liter of water in an hour for a medium hike.

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