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Mantenemos nuestros vehículos limpios y seguros

•En Binicars mantenemos nuestros vehículos limpios y seguros como siempre para nuestros clientes.

•Todos los vehículos se limpian meticulosamente antes de cada alquiler con desinfectantes específicos autorizados.

•Se presta especial atención a los siguientes elementos: llave,volante, intermitentes, salpicadero, asideros, controles de entretenimiento en el coche, posavasos, consola central y manillas interiores y exteriores.

Para garantizar la seguridad de nuestros empleados

•El personal está provisto de mascarillas y guantes.

• Se exige mantener la distancia entre empleados y clientes.

•Se exige a los empleados que se queden en casa si no se encuentran bien.

•Se exige a los empleados que se laven las manos con frecuencia y también usen alcohol en gel.

Car hire companies in Menorca, such as Binicars, have implemented full preventive measures to keep their customers safe and healthy in the current state of alarm. In these difficult times, people are wondering whether to go on holiday or stay at home. The good news is that Spain is lifting its critical 7 Week lockdown restrictions slowly and steadily to not disarm the current control and is promoting itself as one of the safest destinations for visitors and locals.


Menorca is one of the most popular and safest places in Spain, the island will soon be thriving with tourists again from different parts of the country and also international countries. So if you were thinking to hire a car in Menorca from the Airport, these are some of the measures we are taking to keep you safe.

Keeping our cars clean

  • We are a family run business and have always kept our vehicles clean and safe for our clients. Due to the current situation we are enhancing our cleaning techniques with approved disinfectant agents on all vehicles before and after every rental.
  • Special attention is paid to steering wheels, indicators, dashboards, rear view mirrors, sun visors, hand grips, in-car entertainment controls, cup holders, centre consoles, and all door handles both inside and out.

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Car rental in Menorca has become a tourists’ popular traveling choice as it not only saves on transportation costs but also increases the travel experience as compared to hiring a cab or catching the bus.


However, many tourists in Spain, unless you visit the country frequently, may not know how easy it is to hire a car in Menorca and what you should and shouldn’t do when renting a car. You may wonder whether you need to buy additional insurance, whether the company is trustworthy, or whether you have to pay for the fuel and what if the car breaks down in the middle of the road.

In Menorca, the rules for renting a car are pretty clear and simple. While you are booking your flights, we advise you to pre-book a car from a recommended car rental company, like Binicars. They will provide you with all the information for hiring a car and you will be all set to drive in Menorca.


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